2017 Mardi Gras Carnival Ball

February 25, 2017
Starts @ 6:30pm

Location: Gage Hall  4 Archdale St, Charleston, SC
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A memorable evening of fine Polish hors d’oevres, great music, dancing and champagne.

This is an adult event & BYOB

The theme is “carnival” or “MardiGras”.
Masks and “carnival” attire are suggested.

Members $10.00 / Non-members $20.00

Limited Amount Reservations
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Deadline to Buy tickets is FEBRUARY 15, 2017 !!!

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Polsko-Amerykańska Komisja Fulbrighta

Polish American Society of Charleston 

Informuje o możliwości starania się o Stypendium Fulbright który oferuje studia na najlepszych Polskich Uniwersytetach . Program ten przeznaczony jest dla studentów i doktorantów z USA którzy chcą skorzystać z możliwości studiów na najwyższym poziomie edukacyjnym  i kulturowym.

Zachęcamy do skorzystania z tej niezwykłej okazji i podajemy kontakt z przedstawicielami Fulbright Foundation w Polsce .


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Reception for Visiting Miniature Portrait Artist

Dr. Jacek BojakowskiDr. Jacek Bojakowski was made an honorary member of the Polish American Society during a reception in his honor held on Thursday, May 21. Guests at the reception enjoyed an entertaining discussion of the art and technology of painting miniature portraits. Dr. Bojakowski also gave a presentation of his miniatures at Gage Hall on Sunday, May 24. A practicing neurologist and neurophysiologist, Dr. Bojakowksi’s pursuits in addition to painting include metalwork, book covers, and writing poetry.

Easter Blessing of the Baskets

On Holy Saturday, April 4, Fr. Gabe of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church invited us to share the Polish tradition of blessing the baskets of food for Easter.

The food items in the święconka or Easter basket have special significance.

  • Bacon – Boczek / Słonina  — Symbol of the abundance of God’s mercy.
  • Bread – Chleb  — The staff of life given by God.
  • Easter Bread – Babka — A round loaf of rich, eggy, yeast dough with raisins reminiscent of the risen Lord.
  • Butter – Masło — Dairy products are included to celebrate the end of Lent and the richness of our salvation. Butter is often shaped into a lamb (symbolic of the Paschal Lamb) and known as a baranek.
  • Candle – Świeca  — The candle symbolizes Jesus, the Light of the World
  • Colored Eggs Pisanki— Both colored and uncolored hard-cooked eggs indicate hope, new life and Christ rising from his tomb.
  • Ham – Szynka — Meats are symbolic of great joy and abundance in celebration of Christ’s Resurrection.
  • Sausage – Kiełbasa  — The sausage links are symbolic of the chains of death that were broken when Jesus rose from the dead as well as of God’s generosity.
  • Horseradish – Chrzan —  This is a reminder of the bitterness and harshness of the Passion of Jesus and the vinegar it is mixed with symbolizes the sour wine given to Jesus on the cross.
  • Salt – Sól — Salt symbolizes is represented to add zest to life and preserve us from corruption.
  • Sweets – Słodycze Sweets suggest the promise of eternal life or good things to come.

    Following the blessing of the baskets, St. Joseph’s hosted an Easter egg hunt for the children.




Fall Dinner Dance a Big Success

Our 2014 annual potluck dinner was our best ever. Eighty-five guests arrived, food in hand, expecting a good time, and they were not disappointed. The array of fine Polish food was spectacular. And we had a special treat: a dance performance followed by a dance contest offered by Elite Dance International of Mt. Pleasant. Numerous door prizes were offered by Kiawah House Care, D & Z House of Books, Crave Charleston Catering, Lokal Sea Bar Restaurant on John’s Island, Euro Foods, and Rio Grande Restaurant.

Special thanks to our executive committee members Basia Rembiesa, Inka Szczypkowska, Beata Rogala Craver, Kasia Puckhaber, Jacek Bielawski and to our music director Stan Trojanowski. Club business sponsors are Kiawah House Care, Teresa Law from Carolina One Real Estate, and Beata Bennett from Dunes Properties.

Dinner Dance 2014f
Dinner Dance 2014c
Dinner Dance 2014e
Dinner Dance 2014d
Dinner Dance 2014b
Dinner Dance 2014g
Dinner Dance 2014a

Blessing of the Baskets – Święcenie Pokarmów

Holy Saturday brings the blessing of the baskets. On April 19, Father Gabe of St. Joseph’s Church blessed the traditional Easter foods in our baskets with a generous blessed the traditional Easter foods in our baskets with a generous sprinkling of holy water.


Valentine’s Day Party 2014

Partyh Partyf Partye Partyc Party4 Party5 Party8 Partya Party2 Party1 Party Party3 Party9Gage Hall was filled with lovely Valentines as the Polish American Club celebrated
Valentine’s Day/Karniwal/Mardi Gras with an impressive potluck dinner party on February 14.

Fifty club members and guests selected from dozens of salads, entrees and desserts.
Exceptional among the many fine desserts was the scrumptious banquet-sized cake baked
by Elzbieta Gomez.
The lively music before, during and after the dinner came courtesy of DJ Stan Trojanowski

A big “thank you” to those who organized and those who generously contributed to the party.
Special thanks to the hospitality of the Unitarian Church for the use of Gage Hall.