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Board Meeting June 2017

Minutes of Board Meeting

June 27, 2017

Called to Order at the home of Barbara Rembiesa, 7pm


Barbara Rembiesa, Przemek Murczkiewicz, Kasia Mackiewicz. Maciej Dziurgot,

Marian Hoffman, Inka Szczypkowska



Approval of Minutes


Review of Budget




  1. Costumes were donated to the club by a Rachel Lindsay, not a member, who inherited the costumes and items from a recently deceased friend. This friend was apparently very active in a Polish Club which regularly had dance performances. pictures will be available on website soon. No decision has been made at this time about how the costumes will be used.
  2. Starting this fall, our Polish Club will be featured in the Post and Courier Food Section. The newspaper will be doing a promotion which will feature various ethnic recipes. Barbara Rembiesa has volunteered to represent the Polish ethnic recipes. More information will be found on the club webpage.
  3. Gage Hall has been reserved on October 28, 2017 from 6-11pm for our annual Potluck Dinner.


  • Members of the Board have begun the process of updating the current Club Bylaws.
  • Members should be asked if there is anyone who would also like to join this committee.
  • The Board continues to consider filing the Club for 501C3 Not for Profit status.  The Board will upgrade its record keeping practices and reconsider in 3-6 months.


  1. Early Bird membership will again be offered starting this Fall. ($20)
  2. A new event will be held this Fall (Date to be announced). This event will be a casual Social for members and non-members at a downtown location (to be announced). Participants will be asked for their opinions and suggestions for events and development of our club.
  3. Tentative dates were discussed for Fall/Winter Club Activities: Potluck – Oct 28, Mikolajki – Dec. 12, Oplatek – to be announced, New Year’s Party or Mardi Gras Carnival – January/February. More information will be made available on the Club Webpage.
  4. Establishment of a Heritage Committee. The idea of this heritage committee would be to arrange for club members to talk about their own heritage and how/why they came to the USA. Events would be held every few months and arrangements for place and time would be arranged by the committee.
  5. Need to establish Sponsor Advertising Guidelines. Possibly include in ByLaws.
  6. Need to establish a Waiver Form for getting permission to use their pictures on the Website and Facebook Page.
  7. Suggestion was made to create a place on the Club Website that would answer frequently asked questions about the Polish American Society in Charleston, SC. Some of the FAQs include whether there is a Polish Church, a Polish School, Polish Grocery and/or restaurant in or near Charleston SC.

As always your suggestions and ideas are welcome. We would also welcome volunteers who would like to help with events or serve on committees. Tells us what you would like to do for your Polish Club. Talk with any Board Members or contact us through Website @

Board Meeting February 2017

Your Board has been busy making the last minute plans for our upcoming “Mardi Gras” or “Karniwal Masked Ball”, which will take place Saturday February 25 at 6:30pm in Gage Hall (4 Archdale, downtown) . We are so excited and looking forward to partying with you!

Keep watching our Facebook page and Website for more information about our next events. In honor of International Women’s Month (March) and Women’s Day (March 8) Avon will host a SPA day event for our member ladies and their friends. Spa treatments such as facials, foot ,back and head massages, opportunities to try Avon Skin Care Products and MakeUp. Snacks and Beverages will also be served. March will also be a month for Fundraising. From March 1 to 18th Avon will be running a fundraiser for the club. Look to our Website Fundraising page where you can choose from several of Avon’s most popular products being offered with 50% of all purchases going to our club to supplement our events/activities. More information will be on website and FB.

Reminders will be sent out about the Easter Basket Blessing this year. We are also in the process of looking for a location to have a family picnic in the spring and there is a special movie that we would like you to see.

Board Meeting January 2017

Your Board Members have been busy working on activities and events for the new year. There is lots of planning that goes in to preparing our events from ordering food, checking out places and reserving locations, determining dates and times, working within our budget and coordinating all of these things. The Board Members want you to know that WE VALUE YOUR OPINION! If you have suggestions or comments that you think would benefit our club, we want to hear from you.

Please send your thoughts and suggestions to the Board via our

email @


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