Valentine’s Day Party 2014

Partyh Partyf Partye Partyc Party4 Party5 Party8 Partya Party2 Party1 Party Party3 Party9Gage Hall was filled with lovely Valentines as the Polish American Club celebrated
Valentine’s Day/Karniwal/Mardi Gras with an impressive potluck dinner party on February 14.

Fifty club members and guests selected from dozens of salads, entrees and desserts.
Exceptional among the many fine desserts was the scrumptious banquet-sized cake baked
by Elzbieta Gomez.
The lively music before, during and after the dinner came courtesy of DJ Stan Trojanowski

A big “thank you” to those who organized and those who generously contributed to the party.
Special thanks to the hospitality of the Unitarian Church for the use of Gage Hall.